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Solaway Travel is a full-service, independent, family-owned and operated travel agency. Our travel specialists are committed to providing you with the utmost in professional customer service and value.

Solaway Travel offers group and private tours to Ukraine, Estonia, Croatia, Poland and Russia. Our contacts in these countries and our multilingual abilities allow us to:

  • Provide comprehensive pre-trip preparation information
  • Help with contacting families & finding roots
  • Arrange travel to remote villages
  • Hand-deliver sea and air parcels to Ukraine
  • Arrange Courier Services/hand-delivery of letters and documents

If you are interested in Iran or the Middle East Jila can help you with:

  • Firsthand knowledge of the area.
  • Airfares at competitive rates.
  • Passport Visa Services for Dubai.
  • Hand Crafted Custom Journeys to Iran.
  • Tours and Safaris from Dubai.

As always, we offer all other full-service travel requests including, but not limited to: • Hotel & Car Reservations • Travel Insurance • Cruises • Honeymoon Packages • Fun & Sun Packages



Why Travel Insurance? It’s time to take that dream vacation you have been planning for years. The flights are booked, your bags are packed, but are you forgetting something? Expensive, unforeseeable emergencies can happen at any time, and if you do not have travel insurance, you may be in a scary situation. Even if your provincial health care does cover a tiny portion of the out-of-province costs, you will be left to pay the bulk. In some countries, medical expenses can easily cost over ten thousand dollars per day, even for a routine procedure. And what about the cost of your trip? Airlines, hotels and tour companies may refund a portion of what you paid, but most of the time the fees can be astronomical. At Solaway Travel, we are licenced and accredited to help you choose the right policy for your travel needs. We want your dream vacation to be worry free. Contact us for a quote today!


Solaway Travel

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